Friday, August 16, 2013

The Mile Markers

There are many excellent, progressive string band and blue grass musicians, that come from the Colorado "front range" these days.  The Mile Markers are one of my favorite of these new groups.  
Julie Stratton is the lead singer and primary song writer for the group.  She is backed up by Bevin Foley on violin, Nicki Handy on bass, and Sal Clark on banjo.
This performance was back in August of 2011, at a benefit and festival put on by WHYSEau Claire, Wisconsin's, listener sponsored, community radio station.

Hear more music from the Mile Markers at Reverb Nation.
I personally enjoyed their new song Medicine Man.


Friday, August 24, 2012

Turkey Tracks

Last year I won 90 minutes of recording time at the Eau Claire Music School. Shawn Smetz is the owner and director who engineered the recording. Rather than shoot for perfection by doing multiple takes of the same song, I opted to use the time to record a jam session. With Kalin (my son) on bass, along with a very talented mandolin player, Caleb Horne.
We had never played together as a group and with only an hour to warm up, we just let the tapes roll (figuratively) and just played music. I threw songs at these young guys that we never rehearsed, and they pulled it off, pretty damn good. It was my pleasure to play with such fine talent.
The recordings were done just before Thanksgiving. So, I decided to just call the session "Turkey Tracks.  Kickin' the Dawg—an original instrumental—is one of the tunes from the session.

Kickin' the Dawg


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Drunken Sailor-Winterbloom String Band

This was the Winterbloom String Band at a St. Patrick's Day party in 1986. On this particular night, the group consisted of Bruce O'Brien on lead vocals and banjo, Tom McCausland on guitar, T (Moose)Nyhus on mandolin, and myself, Larry Capra, on hammer dulcimer.

At that time, they were one of the first groups to introduce Celtic music to northern Wisconsin. What they, may or may not have lacked in virtuosity, they made up for it with enthusiasm and fun.

This posting was a response to requests made by old fans. Hope this isn't a disappointing flash back... thanks folks.

Drunken Sailor

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Walter Craft - An American Troubadour

" a union of song and soul"

I would like to introduce Walter Craft; a friend, music comrade, and fellow road scholar. Walter has tapped into some of his oldest memories, in order to reclaimed the spirit of his past. From which; he has succeeded in fashioning his artistic presence into the now.

This is his new CD, "Grounds for the Blues". You will find it to be more than a hackneyed catalog of old folk songs. This CD and all of it's contents is an eloquent work of art. It is a union of song and soul, of which, both have truly endured "the test of time."

Please, play TROUBLE IN MIND, a song from Walter Craft's new CD

Trouble in Mind

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

These pictures are some of my computer graphics, displayed with a little creative ingenuity by a fellow named Gil Megidish. Gil is a software designer from Israel and a very creative individual. You can find links to his widgets at He also has a blog at . Check him out for a little artistic fun.

Modern Art Museum
Art Museum by

Friday, September 14, 2007

Blogger and Picasa Compatibility

This is a pic that I am posting to test compatibility with Blogger and Picasa. At the time of this posting I am still experimenting and familiarising myself with various blogging tools. In time this weblog will showcase my artwork and the artwork of individuals, from the community that I have affiliated my artrepreneural interests with. As usual this will be an evolving process in creative discovery and networking. I am still open to anyone wanting to communicate there experiences in the world of online artistic promotion. I'm interested in independent artists, their web sites (that I can profile) and there successful insights in developing an artistic online presence. Until next time.
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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Era of the Artrepreneur and Decentralized Creativity

"...there is a wealth of inginuity hanging out in garages and
studios all over the world

At this point we have created a wider network for the Zenabowli Art and affiliates.
Admittedly this is both a promotional site and a sharing site. The eventual goal is to become creativly and economically independent in a global economy. I am open to any feed back on this. Share your experiences and wisdom. This is still an experiment and I'm quite willing to push a notion as far as it will go. This is a venture that started just a month ago with very little knowledge about the mechanical ins and outs of online communications. I have visited many sites with many diverse objectives and conlude there is a world of opportunities for the creative community to decentralize the world of media, art and entertainment. Inovation should not be in the hands of the limited perspectives of corporate R&D labs, when there is a wealth of inginuity hanging out in garages and studios all over the world. I find that this is a growing opinion. This is the era of the ARTREPRENEUR. Go for it, share your thoughts.
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