Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Era of the Artrepreneur and Decentralized Creativity

"...there is a wealth of ingenuity hanging out in garages and studios all over the world."
At this point I have created a wider network for the Zenabowli Art Scene.

Admittedly, this is both a promotional site and a sharing site. The eventual goal is to become creativly and economically independent in the global market place. I am open to any feed back about this. Share your experiences and wisdom.

This is still an experiment, and I'm quite willing to push a notion as far as it will go. This is a venture that started just a month ago with very little knowledge about the mechanical ins and outs of online communications. I have visited many sites with many diverse objectives, and conlude there is a world of opportunities for the creative community to decentralize the world of media, art, and entertainment.

Inovation should not be in the hands of the limited perspectives of corporate R & D labs when there is a wealth of inginuity hanging out in garages and studios all over the world. I find that this is a growing opinion. This is the era of the ARTREPRENEUR. Go for it... share your thoughts.
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Friday, January 19, 2007

Digitial Fine Art

This is my first post.  I'm in pursuit of opening a dialog with other artist and art lovers who are interested in digital art as a viable medium.

I am an artist, who has worked for many decades in various mediums and styles. In recent years I have focused on the computer and its use as a design tool for the creation of both commercial and fine art imagery. Many of my colleagues have been reluctant to recognise the validity of this fabulous innovation, and the use of computer generated images as an acceptable art form.

Ansel Adams, the photographer, faced the same narrowness in acceptance for his art nearly a century ago. I believe digital fine art has almost no history of its own; and we, the first generation of digital artists, will define this history.

I've worked in many styles (traditional and modern) as well as video, conceptual art, performance art, literature, and music. Creativity is a life style that has served me spiritually and economically for a lifetime. I think of myself as a multi-medium freestyle artist.  I have transitioned and evolved creatively for nearly a half century, and openly prepared to experiment in this world of new media.
Please, tell me who you are, what do you know, what do you do and think?