Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Era of the Artrepreneur and Decentralized Creativity

"...there is a wealth of inginuity hanging out in garages and
studios all over the world

At this point we have created a wider network for the Zenabowli Art and affiliates.
Admittedly this is both a promotional site and a sharing site. The eventual goal is to become creativly and economically independent in a global economy. I am open to any feed back on this. Share your experiences and wisdom. This is still an experiment and I'm quite willing to push a notion as far as it will go. This is a venture that started just a month ago with very little knowledge about the mechanical ins and outs of online communications. I have visited many sites with many diverse objectives and conlude there is a world of opportunities for the creative community to decentralize the world of media, art and entertainment. Inovation should not be in the hands of the limited perspectives of corporate R&D labs, when there is a wealth of inginuity hanging out in garages and studios all over the world. I find that this is a growing opinion. This is the era of the ARTREPRENEUR. Go for it, share your thoughts.
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Latisha said...

People should read this.

zenabowli said...

Latisha, I was so surprised to find my first comment at this site/ especially pleased to have someone share the premise of the posting...thanks

Anonymous said...

excellent concept

Anonymous said...

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